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In this 3D-Platformer you play as Pebble who moves objects in time in search for his parents. 

Uncover the story by exploring new environments as you go on to find unique setpieces throughout the game.

Test your skills in challenges where objects move, rotate and occasionally try to kill you.

I am Wardius, a solo game developer and made this game in about six months. I really hope you enjoy it and see how much heart I put into every aspect of it.

Have fun! :)


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do you know where the save data is stored? i want to run it but don't want to have to finish the game every reset

I just updated the game. There now is a button in the Main Menu to delete your save data if you have any :)


I loved this one, def want more! (21:45 timestamp)

Loved seeing you play! If you had continued for one more minute in the level, you would have completed the game and seen the ending :D


I think it may have glitched for me because at the end, the path of rocks didn't open.

Or typical my luck, that's normally what happens I do something like that XD

thanks :)


Amazing game!

Are you able to port the game to linux? Wine is running the game at an unplayable frame rate. Want to play it badly.

I can't really test it but someone in the comments said that it works on Linux, have you tried it already?

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yeah, through wine the game runs at an unplayable frame rate for me.  I tried different flags like -vulkan and -opengl but they don't work.


Works on Linux. Good game although it took me a little bit to solve the rock puzzles.


Really love it! Beautiful little game!

Appreciate it! <3


I Got Bored And Decided To Speedrun This Game 


Thanks for playing! Maybe I‘ll try to beat your record soon! >:D


Extremely awesome little game, I love it!

Thank you so much! :)


Cute and fun. I tried playing both with the controller and keyboard, both worked well, I prefer the mouse though. More Pebble please. :) 


Challenging but fun!! That little stone creature is so cute and you just feel for it.


Selten so mit 'nem Stein mitgefühlt. 10/10